Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Meet Again, Over Yonder Psychic Horizon

I had a strange experience this evening. I finally made time to check out the free introductory meditation class at Psychic Horizons. I arrived at 7:05, thinking that it started at 7pm and that I was late, but I was actually early because it didn't start until 7:30. I left for a few moments and returned about 15 minutes later.

When I walked in, a woman whom I'd never seen before asked me I'd been there before. At first I said "yes," but then I asked her if she meant had I been there earlier that night or had I ever been there. She meant if I'd ever been there. I said no. Then she asked if I was sure because I looked really familiar. I said I was sure, but as I was looking at her, I realized that she looked really familiar to me—yet I'm positive I'd never seen her before. She joked, "Oh, it must be a past life thing," and since we were in a room full of psychics, it got a hearty laugh. But it was weird because she totally reminded me of this woman I used to see all the time at Osento, the one whom I consider my "teacher"—the one who has disappeared.

Anyway, when I was leaving another woman was about to walk past me when she stopped and said hi. I greeted her back. Then she asked me if she'd seen me before somewhere. I shrugged and said, "I dunno." She said I looked familiar. Deja vu, right? I left. I stopped at Valencia Whole Foods to buy a carton of soy milk. At the register, the owner, who sees me all the time, asked, "Were you in here earlier tonight?" I said no. He looked puzzled. I said, "Well, I come in here all the time. Almost every day. Sometimes even more than once a day, but not today." He said, "Yah, I know, but for some reason it seems like you were here earlier." It didn't strike me how odd that all was until I was crossing the street.

It's weird that in a short span of time, three people thought they'd seen me before, and it's particularly weird that the store owner said "it seems like you were here earlier." That's downright bizarre. I may have unwittingly invoked the magic circle; maybe my doppleganger is making the rounds.


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